I'm Brittany and I'm an illustrator and yoga teacher living in the high desert of California. My lifelong love of creating something out of nothing, led to the launch of Sage Glow Studio in 2016. After a few years of trying lots of things (multi-passionate entrepreneur over here), it’s now my mission to help women  create a glowy life and business.

So what is Sage Glow Studio? It’s a holistic wellness feast for creatives and their visual needs.

I believe that your brand is only as well as you are. When you’re taking care of your body, breath, mind and soul, your creativity has space to flourish. Personal, intuitive wellness is your not-so-secret secret to showing up as your highest self, fully capable and equipped to do the good work you’re here in the world to do.

Still deciding if this is for you? Sage Glow Studio is your place if:
‣ you’d like to create a glowy, purposeful life + business
‣ you’re a creative soul (spoiler: everyone is)
‣ you’re a conscious brand owner or wellness business
‣ you want to know how intuitive wellness can help you in your job, business or whatever your creative pursuits may be

We'll tap into your creative power through:
yoga | mindful movement | supportive food + sips | meditation | inner work | pranayama | beauty | hormonal balance | self-care

And when you’re living your glowiest self, your business will follow. As your creativity soars, your dreams and ideas are ripe to be set in motion. That’s when signature Sage Glow illustrations can take those ideas and manifest them into brand-supporting visuals.

Let's chat and make some magic together.


Hey. Hi. Hello.

I'm Brittany and I'm a Chicago-based graphic designer and artist. My lifelong love of creating led to the launch of Sage Glow Studio and I look forward to manifesting your ideas into the graphics and art you're looking for.

When I'm not at my computer or easel, you can find me blending essential oils, in the kitchen cooking up new recipes, on my yoga mat practicing headstands, or out exploring with my husband and our dog Samurai.


A Good yoga session with equally good leggings
Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Cream
Barely There Manis
I Don't leave the house without my BKR Bottle
Living Luminizer
Mascara - two coats at minimum
Delicate Gold Rings
Tumeric Lattes

What About You?

Tell me how I can help elevate your brand, blog or personal project. Or just dish on your favorite plant-based recipe.

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