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Your New Obsession: Turmeric Latte

March 14, 2017
Brittany Leonor

It’s nearly the middle of March but here in Chicago (aka the tundra) there’s fresh snow on the ground with a ‘feels like’ temperature of 8 degrees. Jealous?

If you’re not on the turmeric train yet, get on board, girl. 

It’s incredibly anti-inflammatory and  anti-bacterial to give you that glow from within. Fun fact: my mom is Indian so I’ve been eating/cooking with turmeric basically since birth and the flavor is something I love: earthy, a bit bitter, super warming.

Today I’m sharing my standard turmeric latte recipe because I’m obsessed with it and think you’ll love it too.

The Goods:

1 ½ c hot almond milk

1 tablespoon coconut oil

½ teaspoon turmeric (I use more because I like intense - play with it to see what you prefer)

2-3 pitted dates (or raw honey or pure maple syrup)

pinch of pink salt

pinch of black pepper (this helps enhance the absorbency of turmeric’s benefits)

Do It:

Throw dates and milk into a small saucepan and heat until it’s simmering (not boiling). Pour into a high-speed blender (I’m team Vitamix all the way) along with other ingredients and blend until smooth and frothy. Other goods you can add in if you like being extra are: ashwagandha, tocos or collagen peptides.