To The Studio ➮


June 21, 2018
Brittany Leonor

We can all agree that CBD is the buzziest (ha!) trend in wellness right now. I know it’s not new, but with all of these products popping up, it can be hard to determine where to start if you’d like to try them out.

I recently connected with the brand CBD Essentials to test a few of their products. I already shared my thoughts on the CBD Essentials Lip Balm and CBD Essentials Body Cream in a Part I post. If you haven’t already read that, go check it out here. Now I’m diving into their Salt Soak.

Like the rest of their line, the salt soak ingredients are super clean and safe: CBD oil, mineral and sea salts, baking soda, coconut oil, cornstarch and essential oils. I got the lavender scent and it’s perfect. Just the aromatherapy alone is like a spa.

Now, my bathtub isn’t actually bath ready (definition: it leaks...found out the hard way). So, I went the foot soak route with an at-home pedi. Nothing’s stopping this girl from her self care.

And to give you a little context: if this soak is supposed to decrease stress, this is the week I needed it. Our apartment is being remodeled and we had to clear everything out. I mean everything. The entire place has been dismantled, furniture shoved in the office, alllll cabinets emptied, everything from the walls removed. We’re excited for the new upgrades, but woah this took some effort. Plus, we’re headed out of town for a huge family reunion so there’s that planning and packing. And this is the first time we’ve been gone and our dog Sam is neither staying at home or with a family member. He’s with a super sweet, dog-sitting family, but this crazy dog lady almost cried dropping him off last night. Sam’s a timid pup who’s been attacked twice by feisty female dogs so you can imagine my worry. Plus working at home makes you and your dog very attached, so maybe (definitely) this is harder on me than him. Also, I started the draft of this post on my desktop computer, packed it up and took it to my parents’ place for safe keeping during the reno and then realized it didn’t save online for me to finish later. Oh and the graphic was stuck there too. After a mini meltdown, my saviour of a husband went to retrieve the files at 11pm. So yeah, I’m a wad of stress.

Back to the salt soak and my hopes of finding some tension relief. I filled my bathroom sink (don’t worry - I cleaned it before and after) with hot water and into it, dissolved a generous amount of the soak. You guys, this stuff is heavenly. It filled my bathroom with a calming lavender scent and all the oils were moisturizing without feeling too overwhelming. Now here’s the cool part: my feet started to feel super heavy/relaxed and almost tingly. Very different from a regular soak (which honestly, I do often). It was like the stress was dissolving through and out of my feet and despite the chaos of this week, I felt calm, at peace and less sore. I could have sat there all night, but eventually as the water went cold, I transitioned right to bed. Feet felt amazing and I felt blissed out. Thanks, CBD.

Wishful thinking or real deal? My bet’s on real deal. Whatever the case, this soak is going into my self-care rotation. And I think I’ve convinced myself to get a proper bath stopper so I can totally submerge myself, because how delicious does that sound?

Ok, so now who else is convinced that CBD is full of magic? If you haven’t yet, go check out the CBD Essentials line - they really know what they’re doing and are a great place to start if you want to get into topicals. Let me know if you do so we can be CBD twins 👯



*this post is in collaboration with CBD Essentials, but all opinions are my own