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Why We Tone Our Inner Thighs

March 30, 2021
Brittany Leonor

Want to prevent injury and develop a stable core? Build strength in your inner thighs.

Yes, your inner thighs play a major role in giving your body sufficient support. These muscles help with movements in your legs and hips and also provide stability to your pelvis, low back and knees.

I learned this first hand about 10 years ago when I was experiencing a ton of severe knee pain. After a visit with my osteopathic doctor, he determined that my patellas were tilting due to tight and over-worked outer thighs (abductors) and weaker inner thighs (adductors). By foam rolling my abductors and strengthening my adductors, I was able to bring my knee caps back into a more neutral position and eliminate the pain.

Ever since then, I've been really mindful of maintaining and improving this balance. The inner thighs can sometimes be a tough muscle group to activate, but the benefits are truly worth the effort. So if you're convinced that inner thigh strength is important, try out this new 12 minute sculpt. We activate the whole muscle group with strengthening and lengthening moves that will leave you feeling so strong.

Check out the video here and leave me a comment if your inner thighs are on fire!