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Sustainable Spring Closet Clean-Out

SGS Universe
April 3, 2019
Brittany Leonor

I’ve always liked the month of April. The days start to get longer, the birds are awake when I am and I know that spring is coming soon. Thank God for change 🙌🏽

Of course all the changes around me have inspired me to take a hard look at my closet. To be honest, I don’t have loads of clothing because I’ve been pretty selective with my purchases in the last few years. Buuuuuut I have a number of items that are

  • old (like 10+ years, you guys)
  • no longer loved or needed and taking up precious room in my life
  • icky (no one wants old workout socks)

So in the spirit of making space, I compiled a little list of what to do with old clothes and more. I mean, we all know to donate, do friend swaps, etc. But sometimes we need a little more inspo and we especially need alternatives to simply tossing old underwear in the trash. Ready to move on? Let’s go.

Madewell - donate any brand or style of old denim to a Madewell store and through their partnership with Blue Jeans Go Green™, they’ll be turned into housing insulation for communities in need. Plus you get a $20 discount on a new, full-priced pair of Madewell denim. This is literally my favorite. I love Madewell jeans (10” High Rise Skinny’s for me, please) so any excuse to get them with a deal and a do-good situation, is perfect. Learn more here.

Levi’s - take your old clothing and shoes (again, any brand) to one of their stores or outlets where their recycling partner I:CO will collect them and give the materials new life. You also get a 20% coupon for a new Levi’s item which gives you the opportunity to snag a pair of their jeans that somehow make everyone’s butt look good 🍑

H&M - drop off unwanted textiles (any brand, any condition, clothing, linens and more!) for their recycling program that turns unwearable items into insulation material for the auto industry. You’ll also get a 15% off coupon for your next purchase - maybe something from their conscious collection made from pineapple leaves, algae and citrus??

USAgain - gather unwanted shoes and accessories along with your clothes for this one. They’ll resell what’s still in working condition and recycle the rest. Check their website for drop-off bin locations in 15 states. One of these babies will probably be seeing some of my old 5” “going out” heels. Oh to be young.

GoodWill - good ol’, GoodWill. Don’t forget about them for just about anything that no longer serves you. Plus I was happy to learn that they offer recycling too. Might have scared a teenage boy working there when I asked him, “You do garment recycling right? Because this is a bag of old tights and bras - I don’t want anyone thinking I want you to sell these old bras.” Am I officially a crazy old lady?    

Formalwear - by my age, one has collected her fair share of bridesmaid dresses. Let’s face it: you’re not going to wear them again. Quit lying to yourself, get them dry cleaned and clear them out of your closet for good by donating them to an organization that provides them for free or for a nominal fee to girls who need dresses for dances. Some include Project G.L.A.M., Becca’s Closet, Operation Prom, Glass Slipper Project and Princess Project.

So who’s going to be doing some closet cleaning this weekend? Let me know if any of these tips helped you.