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Stay Focused

SGS Universe
June 29, 2017
Brittany Leonor

My level of distraction can be pretty unreal at times. It’s like my mind is so full of ideas, I jump from one to the next and soon forget what I originally set out to do. I always describe my mind as an internet browser with 38 open tabs and let me tell you - it’s not great for productivity. If you’re a creative type too, you can probably relate. So here are are a few tricks that I use to stay focused and hope they might help you too:

  • Ban Multitasking - Doing two things (or more) at once seems super efficient right? Turns out this might be totally wrong. I used to think I was a multitasking queen, but realized that not only did the quality of everything suffer, I was also making mistakes. So now I take a cue from yoga and try to bring mindfulness and living in the moment off the mat and into the rest of my life. Being present is so important and now the business world is catching on too. Check out this article on Forbes for more insight on how multitasking can actually be damaging to your brain.
  • Task Block - Tackle tasks in chunks, focusing on just that one project for a set amount of time. So for instance, if I’m working on a client logo, I’ll set aside 1 hour in the morning to work on only that. Or I batch another client’s design requests and dedicate a big block of time each Wednesday to them.  
  • Timer - During a time block, I use this app to keep me on task. It’s 25 minutes of work followed by a 5 minute break. And during that break I can indulge my crazy distractions a bit before getting back to work.
  • Notes App - Whenever I get a new idea or inspiration, my gut reaction is to immediately shift gears and delve into it. Not good for whatever I was currently working on. Enter the simple but life-saving iPhone Notes app.  I have different notes per categories - illustration ideas, blog post ideas, marketing ideas, etc. When I’m hit with inspo, I’ll jot it down to research or work on when I’m finished with my current task. Pro tip: no matter how brilliant you think an idea is and that you’d never in a million years forget it, you probably will. Write. It. Down.  
  • Ignore Notifications - Flip your phone over, turn them off, use sheer willpower...whatever you do, don’t give in to each and every notification that pops up. In the middle of writing this post, I was about to click on some Instagram alerts and then I remembered - they’ll still be there when I’m done. Crisis averted, blog post completed.

Here’s to staying focused✌🏽