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Pattern Play - How to Use Patterns for Your Blog

February 28, 2017
Brittany Leonor

So you have a blog. A blog with relevant content, good photography and a custom Sage Glow Studio-made logo (it’s my vision, I make the rules). But it’s missing some visual pop. You need something beyond images and colors, but are not quite sure what that is.

Enter patterns.

Not just for fabric, patterns add life to so many other things, including your blog. If you’re looking for some inspo, I’ve got a few ways you can use patterns to take your blog from “um, eh” to “oh, yes”:

Behind The Glow_Page Header Graphic
Page Header Image :: switch it up for each page so things don't get booooring
Behind The Glow_Footer Graphic
Footer Image :: footers deserve to be more than just an afterthought. Give yours some love, ok?
Behind The Glow_Category Graphic
Blog Category Graphics :: similar patterns in the same color palette keep things cohesive but not identical
Social Graphics :: throw a pattern behind your #QOTD or on your phone's wallpaper for that extra flatlay detail

Oh also, all of the patterns used in this post are available for free. Check them out here and give me a shout at @sageglowstudio // #SGSinthewild if you use one for your blog.