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How To Use A Facial Roller

April 18, 2019
Brittany Leonor

How did I live so long without a facial roller?

I know that’s dramatic, but have you tried one? It’s seriously indulgent, relaxing and I think it’s helping to give me that extra glow. But let’s back up: what is a facial roller and why would you use one?

Facial rolling is an ancient Chinese ritual that uses a stone roller to firm the skin and encourage lymphatic drainage through massage. If you didn’t know, the lymphatic system is crucial for detoxification as it removes waste and unwanted materials from the body. Relating directly to the face, if the lymphatic system is blocked or stagnant, you can experience acne, puffiness and other unpleasantries. And here’s the kicker - unlike your heart, the lymphatic system doesn’t have its own built-in pump to keep things flowing. It needs manual stimulation like exercise, dry brushing, inversions and you guessed it: massage.

Back to facial rolling. I recently created some illustrations for the packaging on Ginger June Candle Co’s roller line. I had wanted a roller for quite some time and decided this was finally the time to purchase one (rose quartz to be exact). And boy, am I glad I did. You know that feeling you get during a massage when you’re so relaxed you melt? How stress in your entire body vanishes? How your skin tingles afterwards and your whole being just seems to vibe higher? Well, same with this. Plus it does quite a good job of relieving sinus pressure and encouraging movement there, so take that pollen. It’s absolutely my new favorite beauty/wellness tool and I’ve been singing its praises to anyone and everyone.

Need to know more? I’ve got you covered.

Here’s how to incorporate it into your skincare routine:

(I don’t use it every day because lazy. You can start with a few times a week or do it whenever you get inspired. You probably won’t overdo it, so just go with what feels good.

  • Remove makeup (if doing this at night)
  • Wash face
  • Apply toner
  • Apply serum
  • ROLL IT OUT (if at night: preferably while sitting in bed and sipping on some magnesium; if in the morning: preferably in silence while sipping on some hot lemon water)
  • Apply moisturizer and under eye cream (if needed)
  • Spritz on a facial spray to seal it all in

And here’s how to actually use it:

(Except for the first strokes on the throat, you want to think “up and out” for everything else. I like to do fewer and faster passes for each section in the morning for a more invigorating feel and more slower passes at night to lull me into relaxation. Also, I know you’re a smart cookie, but please use your judgement here. Avoid areas that have active, inflamed cystic acne or any other issues that don’t need any extra pressure.)

  • Throat: I always start with a few strokes down the sides of the throat to open up the lymphatic passages for draining. You want to go light here so you don’t crush the vessels that run just under the skin.
  • Jaw: Using more firm pressure, run the roller along the jawline and get into any areas that feel tight. I tend to grind my teeth when I’m tired so this feels like heaven and makes me more aware to actively unclench my jaw.
  • Cheeks: Start moving up from the jaw line, using strokes from your lips/nose out to the ears/temples. Again, concentrate on the temple area which is a common place to hold tension.
  • Eyes: Switch to the smaller side of the roller to gently work from the inside corner outwards. Be careful not to snag your eyelashes! Then move above the eye to work along the eyebrow line.
  • Forehead: Starting right in the middle, stroke up from the top of the nose to the hairline, fanning out until you reach your eyebrow line again.
  • Throat: End with a few more strokes down the throat to clear it all out.

Bonus: sometimes I’ll hit the whole décolletage from collarbones to upper chest to neck just because it feels so darn good. I’m telling you - can’t live without it.

Who else is a fan of facial rolling? Do you have any good tricks to share? If you’d like to get the one I have (which gives you a roller and some Sage Glow Studio art ☺️), shop here*.



*not sponsored, just obsessed