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February 28, 2019
Brittany Leonor

If you follow Sage Glow Studio on Instagram, you might have seen my stories about a CBD oil I’ve been using lately. My sweet friend Kara of Madeline Bay Official and her siblings created a new brand of pure CBD extract called Verdant. And let me tell you - this stuff is good.

Blended with MCT carrier oil, this CBD is organically grown in Colorado, highly concentrated and contains no trace of THC. Verdant is very concerned about quality (yay for us!) and have tested and formulated their products to ensure it’s super safe and pure. I’m talking three different tests done at three different labs - impressive, right? In fact, they are the first in the industry to use blockchain technology to track Every. Single. Bottle. from ingredient to product to testing. I’m sorry, but how cool and nerdy and amazing is that? I plugged my number in and got this A+ report back:

Ok, ok, so we know that Verdant is high quality, completely tested and pure. But does it work? It sure does. Kara was super generous and sent me a bottle of the travel size 200mg to try out. I’ve mentioned before that anxiety is a thing that likes to pop up for me and this blend has been helpful in calming my hectic mind. I like to take some under my tongue (hold for 20-30 seconds then swallow) when I start to feel like my brain is all over the place and it helps me relax and focus. That also makes it great for bedtime when I can’t wind down and neeeeeed to get some sleep. Also, you know that general feeling of craziness/cramps/low back pain before and during your period? Yeah, this helps with that too. *Insert all the praise hands emojis*

If you’re looking for a CBD brand you can trust, I completely recommend Verdant. I’ve already got some of my aunts and cousins on it so you know if I’m telling my family it’s something I’m really digging. Shop the goods at and look for the promo code banner for a discount.

What about you? Have you tried CBD? What are your favorite ways to use it?