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Benefits of Yoga Twists

March 16, 2021
Brittany Leonor

Yogis love a good twist. If you've taken some yoga classes, you'll start to notice that twists are incorporated into almost every flow. Why? They are so good for your body and mind, we just can't stay away.

Here are the highlights of twist benefits:

‣ Builds flexibility in the spine - Very important to maintain ease of movement. As we grow older, we loose this flexibility so twists help to keep the muscles and fascia from stiffening and causing pain. Secret: a flexible spine = fountain of youth!

‣ Stimulates circulation and oxygen in the spine - Key for keeping stagnation away from your spinal cord so the neural pathways to your beautiful brain function well. That's why you might feel more mental clarity, alertness and elevated energy after some good twists. Also keeps the energy channels, or nadis, that spiral around your spine clear.

‣ Stimulates circulation and oxygen in the internal organs - The action of twisting provides constriction and then the release floods the area with fresh prana. This movement can be helpful in, again, breaking up stagnation to keep the organs working well. This is why twists are helpful for keeping your body's normal detoxification processes moving along.

‣ Good for digestion - Speaking of detoxification and moving along....twists are great for digestion! If you're feeling a bit bloated or just off in your digestion, give some gentle twists a try.

So if you're convinced that you need some twists in your life, I'd love for you to flow along with me in this video. This is a great one to do in the morning, afternoon or whenever you feel like building energy and raising your vibe.

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